Moana Waiwai – a Freeswim Journey

My film follows the FreeSwim journey of wahine (woman) Ally Davey as she takes on 70km of open ocean around the stunning Coromandel coastline over three days to bring awareness to the protection of New Zealand’s oceans.

It does more than encapsulate stunning vistas and highlight the extraordinary New Zealand environment, but inspires people to be aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them and to protect it before it is too late. It’s an inspirational film, not an activist film. It highlights the wonder of exploration and the intrinsic benefits of getting wet and looking below the surface, championing endurance of the human spirit.

Moana Waiwai translates to Big Ocean, filmed in February and March of 2020 in the remote Northern Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand’s North Island.


Through the eyes and team of Australian cycling journalist and author Rupert Guinness, the Virtual Race Across America delivers over 4,500km’s and 73,000 mtrs of climbing in World’s First & Largest Virtual Ultra Cycling Event, VRAAM.

Come on a journey like never before, witnessing the highs and lows of taking on such an incredible challenge on a stationery bike.

20 hours a day for 12 days straight, Rupert will be joined by riders from over 30 countries who will also tackle VRAAM from the relative comfort of their living rooms, garages and pain caves.

Why do this? Quite simply to give people hope all over the world in extraordinary times.

the BEND Motorsport Park

Our cameras created the first full Documentary at The Bend Motorsport Park when the Australian Superbikes (ASBK) put on a show. We proudly produced, shot, edited and distributed this wonderful sporting film.

the bay games

Over 600 everyday athletes came together and competed in the country’s first ever functional fitness festival. Jervis Bay, NSW is home to The Bay Games, a two-day event that pushes these weekend warriors to their limits and beyond. Our cameras where there.

BikingMan Taiwan

Join our cameras as we journey along side some of the worlds most dynamic exploration cyclists on a non-stop, unsupported race around the exotic island of Taiwan.

BikingMan Peru – Inca Divide

Our cameras followed athletes as they ride unsupported over 1,800 kms in under 12 days. The extremes of altitude make this one of the toughest tests of human endurance on the planet.

BikingMan Oman

BikingMan Oman was the first in a series of films covering the worlds most exciting ultra-Unsupported Cycling Races. Crossing the planet from Oman to Corsica, Peru and finishing in Taiwan.

BikingMan Corsica

Creating films that follow the worlds greatest unsupported cycling series through Oman, Corsica, Peru and Tawian.


Riders take on a 24hr non-stop cycling challenge like no other … all around Australia’s newest motorsport track the Bend, where the first event held there was not for cars but bicycles.


one man set out to run further than anyone on earth has run on a treadmill for 24hrs. a world record of stationery proportions.